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I’m Diana Cordero Gamboa -Corgam for short- a San Francisco based visual creator.


I’m an observer mostly, I enjoy watching people, places, objects, colors, all things around me, the way light rises up and changes throughout the day, the things some consider mundane or boring, which is most likely what drew me to photography in the first place, a field where I get to deeply explore such virtues. I’m an avid meditator as I find it to be increasingly beneficial. Living in the city, I’m always chasing down secret spots where I can sit and quiet my mind.  

A favorite subject matter of mine is music & musicians. To house this passion, I created Synesthesia, a music photography webzine, where I explore visual storytelling, digital manipulation and other photo techniques. The fast pace of this genre has inspired my approach to composition and has allowed me to embrace resourcefulness, which applies to all aspects of audiovisual production and post-production. Work with what's available and make the most of it!

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