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Director/DP: Corgam

AD: Pablo Russek

Editor: Chad Schrimer

Production Design: Angie Amaro & Ciara Butler

Gaffer: Zed Wang

1st AC: Augusto Marcato

Key Grip: Junmo Kim

PA: Sunhoo Lee

Producer: Corgam

Executive Producer: FONCA

(Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes)


50 percent of this video was shot using black light as the main source, but with tungsten as a fill light to reduce the blue cast and allow for a more gentle color palette. The other 50 percent was done with kino flo tubes packed in colored plastic tubes to add the multicolored layers placed behind the subjects. The project was shot on the Canon 5D and Canon 7D. Main lens was a Canon 50mm and for the Macro shots, I used a 50mm nikkor lens by Nikon with a magnifier adapter that allowed me to be about two inches away from the subject, which created those dreamy super close-up shots.


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