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Directors: Sonia D. Pina &

Diana Cordero Gamboa

Producer & Sound Engineer:

Sonia D. Pina

Cinematographer: Corgam

Camera Operators: Corgam, Kael Teodorowicz, Francisco Puentes & Setac Yildizhan

Stills Photographer: Adriana Marrero

Graphic Designer: Jonny Thomas

Company: Mijis Productions


Live recording of Peruvian duo Alejandro y María Laura featuring Mexican songstress Diana Gameros. Filmed at Redwood Regional Park, in Oakland, CA in 2015. A total of five cameras were rolling at the same time to cover different angles of their performance. For this project only Canon dslr's were used with a variety of lenses, from zooms to primes. Edit was done in FCPX with added grain to create the vintage film look.

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